Bear Hunting

At Camps Ronoda we have adopted a policy of taking only a limited amount of hunters per year.  A 400 square mile hunting area, hunting different areas each week, and hard work has earned us the reputation as one of the few outfitters that consistently harvests trophy sized bears year after year!
Our success rates are close to 100% in sightings, 85% of hunters taking shots, and 75% kill rate each year. This is due to many years of careful game management, and selectively culling the population of our Black Bears.  Big Black Bears are regularly harvested that weigh between 400 - 500lbs. Many of our bears fall into the 250 - 350lb class, which is still a very respectable Black Bear.


Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting is now available at Camps Ronoda. You can stay at the outpost or our remote camp. The outpost camp is approximately a 10 mile drive and 0.5 mile walk/ATV ride from the main camp. If isolation is what you are looking for than this is the place. The outpost can sleep up to 6 hunters comfortably. This is a rough-in camp, which has a woodstove for heating. The hunting zone where we are located allows the hunting of the cow, bull, or calf every other year. In our zone this is allowed every 2nd season, which significantly improves your chances for a successful hunt.




Waterfowl and Small Game Hunting

Located on the James Bay fly way, our area is one of the first stops on the southern migration. With plenty of ducks, Canadian geese, and very few hunters, this is a hunters paradise. Blacks, Mallards and Wood ducks are the most common, with Teal, Widgeon, Scalp, Buffalo heads and Golden-eyes being present. Most of the best hunting areas are very close to the camp, and many  hunt right out of their boats.  The bays are shallow and boats can be pulled into the weeds for cover. Our waterfowl season opens in our area around the third week of September, which coincides with the opening of our small game hunting.

We have over 200 miles of bush roads and trails to explore and hunt for Ruffled and Spruce Grouse, Woodcock, and Snowshoe Hares. Road hunting is legal in Quebec, and firearms may be kept in the open within easy reach. Your firearms cannot be loaded in your vehicle, but ammunition may be kept close for easy loading. Many of our hunters travel these roads as Grouse and Hares like to sit on the road and sun themselves. Traveling and hunting our vast wilderness by ATV is also very popular, and you never know what you may see. Wolves are seen quite often, and occasionally there are cougar, and lynx sightings.