The main camp is located on the south end of Lac Remigny where it empties into the Barriere River. The Barriere river is about 1 mile long and 50 yards wide, and separates Lac Remigny from Lac Des Quinze.  In the middle of the river is a big set of rapids. These rapids are one of the largest spawning grounds for walleye and pike in northwest Quebec.                   

Lac Remigny has always been known for it's trophy sized pike, but the walleye fishing on this lake is also hard to beat! This easy to navigate lake is 25 miles long and  1/2 to 2 miles wide with many bays and islands. Early season finds post spawn walleye and pike stacked up in the river and shallow bay in front of the camp. Around  mid to late June, depending on the weather and water temperature, the fish will start to move up the lake into the deeper bays. During mid summer, the best fishing is found anywhere from 6 to 12 miles from the camp (about 15 to 30 minutes)  in one of our rental boats. Later in the season, the fish once again, will return to the lower part of the lake, and great fishing can be found within sight of the camp.

Our deluxe waterfront cottages are  "4 Star" rated by the government!  Cottages are beautifully finished in real knotty pine and come complete with electricity, hot and cold showers, inside toilets, automatic electric heat, complete kitchens including toaster and coffee maker, all pots and pans, dishes, silverware and utensils. Cottages are situated for privacy. They offer a great view of Lac Remigny and our wonderful sunsets.

Located on our park like setting for our guest use, includes a fish cleaning house, freezers for fish and game,  plenty of dock space, picnic tables, fire rings, and a laundromat.

While staying at our main camp, you have the choice of housekeeping packages, or our famous "American Plan" After a great day of fishing or hunting, why come in and cook when you can sit back, relax and let us do the work?  Only the best ingredients go into our hearty breakfasts and dinners.    Breakfast items include, stuffed French toast, & sausage, ham & eggs with home fries, omelets made to order, pancakes served with real maple syrup & bacon. Also included are  coffee, tea, milk, juice, and fruit. Our dinners highlight T-bone steaks, beef stroganoff, meatloaf, fettuccini alfredo with grilled chicken breast, BBQ chicken, BBQ pork chops, and more. All our dinners are served with salads, side dishes, vegetables, homemade bread, dessert and your choice of beverage. Come hungry and enjoy!


Rock Lake Outpost

At our Rock Lake Outpost Camp, we have 3 lakes and 15 miles of water to fish, with no portages. Rock Lake, despite its name, is a very safe, deep lake. Rock Lake is approximately 5 miles long, and 1 mile wide, and is an excellent fishing spot, with big walleye, pike, and bass in abundance. Travel through a channel next to the camp and you meet Lac Caron, a shallow lake that offers exceptional fishing early in the spring for pike and walleye. Travel through this lake to Lac Beaumesnil, a mitten shaped lake that produces a good catch of walleye and pike year 'round. Also if you're willing to work a little, there are 3 more portage lakes at the end of the chain.

This is a great place for large groups. Located 10 miles from the main camp, Rock Lake is a drive-in Outpost Camp. Situated in one of the most beautiful places in Canada, this secluded camp offers 2 side by side cabins. We only rent this camp to one group at a time. Therefore, even if you only require one cabin, you still get the camp to yourselves!

Each cabin will sleep 6 people comfortably, and includes propane lights, refrigerator, cook stove, oil heater, cold non potable running water, linens and blankets. The kitchen is complete with pots, pans, dishes and silverware.  Cabins have also been wired with 2 electric lights and 1 inside plug for those of you that have small portable generators.  You can also rent one from us.  The exterior shower house is complete with hot and cold water, flush toilet and sink.

Our Rock Lake Outpost Camp features  fish cleaning house, picnic table, and fire ring. Due to the remote location and road conditions, a high clearance vehicle such as a pick-up, full sized van, or SUV is recommended for access to this camp.